What makes a good editorial photograph?

A good image always stands out, often it can even be the element of a press release that catches the attention of the reader first. More than this, frequently it is the deciding factor in securing good coverage for a story or announcement. But what makes a good editorial photograph, and how do you choose one? This blog post gives some tips on how you can make sure your image only adds to your article.

The first piece of advice comes from Bob and it is simple, involve a person or people. After all, they are what it is all about. If a person in the image can be related to, or identified with then it is more likely to draw them in. Which leads straight on to the second tip; make sure it catches the attention of the reader. There should be a wow factor to the image, although this

obviously isn’t always able to be achieved. But when possible you want an image that will make the reader want to click the link and read the whole of your article.

The next piece of advice is to make the image dynamic rather than static. An example of this is if you are talking about a product. Using a photo where the image shows the product being used rather than just sat on a table can be far more successful. Showing the product being used will provide a larger insight in to what it can do and even how the reader could use it, rather than just seeing a standard product photo. Following on from this point, the photograph doesn’t even always need to include the product you are talking about. Obviously, it always needs to be relevant and related to the subject, but if you have a photo which ticks all the other boxes and you think that it would go well with your piece of writing, then there is no reason that you cannot use it.

The last tip would be to not skimp on photographic cost. As stated earlier in this blog, the influence of your image on the success of your piece of content could be very important. Creativeness will shine through when you put the effort in, and if you economise, that can shine through too. Remember – a good picture speaks a thousand words!

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