How to write a good headline

Writing a headline for an article or press release is often something people really struggle with, and I am no exception! So, this blog post gives some top tips that I found useful when you are stuck staring at a blank page.

The best tip that I have been given by Bob is to avoid that blank page altogether. Writing the headline for a press release is always the last thing he does. This is something that I always struggle with, at university I always had to write my introduction first to be able to continue with the rest of the essay. But this tip is really useful. More often than not your headline might be obvious or just come to you once you’ve finished writing the piece and you have identified the important bits of information.

Your headline should be short. Long, vague headlines will not catch people’s attention. Therefore, you want to omit nonessential words such as adjectives and replace some conjunctions with punctuation. You want your audience to be pulled in to read the rest of the article, so make it enticing and use language that will catch peoples eye. A shorter headline also makes it easier to be shared on social media platforms such as twitter, which can really help the success of a press release.

You also want your headline to tell the reader exactly what the article is about, clarity is key. A top tip here is to ask someone else just to read the headline of your press release and describe what they think the story is about. If they are confused, or can’t do this, then you should probably have another attempt or give it some tweaking.

Lastly, a tip that may sound obvious, and applies to all forms of writing, but always proof read. You would be amazed at the amount of people that send out a press release with a typo or mistake in the headline! It’s easily done, but also easily avoided. So, make sure you always take the time to double check yourself, and to ask as many people as possible to proof read for you.

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