Staying Safe Online

This blog is a bit of a random one, but on a topic which is becoming increasingly important. As part of my latest work experience where I have been working with a company called PVI (Protection Vessels International), I got an amazing opportunity to go on a Cyber Awareness course run by their sister company, PGI. In the world that we live in where technology is such a massive part of our everyday personal and business lives, I think that is more important than ever to know how to be safe online.

The course was run over two days, by PGI’s very own experts. It was clear from the very beginning that they really were experts, who specialised in lots of different areas. This meant that any questions anyone had generally, or regarding the content of the course were able to be answered. The course covered lots of different areas such as why you would need cyber security, how a cyber-attack might take place and how best to protect yourself and your business. The content of the course was designed so that hopefully some of the information was useful to you, no matter the industry your business was in, or if you were just there for personal reasons.

If the company you work for would be willing to send you, or another member of staff on this kind of course I would say it could be of great value. You will learn things that can easily be applied to your business, and some simple changes can make a massive difference to level of security you have online.

One of the useful tools they showed us, which can be used within a business or personally was this password checker. It tells you how strong your password is, and how long it would take to potentially be cracked by a hacker. I think once we had finished for the day, the first thing we all did was go and change all our passwords!

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