Full Steam Ahead

As we are now nearing the end of January we are in the full swing of 2017! The how were your Christmas and New Year questions have stopped (if not they definitely should!) and everyone is over the worst of the January blues. But in the broadcast technology sector there is no real lull in activity at the beginning of the year, as the first quarter is jam packed with important tradeshows resulting in lots of work needing to be done. BVE takes place at the end of February, CABSAT at the end of March, and then the biggest of them all, NAB, in April.

The key element to success at tradeshows, which I have learnt in my short time within in the world of PR, is organisation. There are lots of different deadlines you need to meet regarding preview announcements and product or customer announcements. This is when Bob’s considerable experience in the industry is so valuable. He knows exactly when different elements need to be ready, and he also knows the consequences of not doing so. Having this knowledge is definitely power and it means we can use it to get the best results for our clients.

In the lead up to a tradeshow like BVE, one to one meetings with your client and the press might need to be set up, or even a press event organised. Preferably, this all needs to be done in a good amount of time before the tradeshow to ensure that you get all the most important people in attendance and ticked off your list. Unless there is a last minute announcement causing reason for a quickly organised event, which sometimes can’t be helped. More often than not though the short notice can actually cause more of a buzz and excitement, as long as you’ve got something interesting to announce of course!

Being prepared is one of the most important things in PR and it is how we approach periods like the few months that we have ahead of us.

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