End of Year Roundup

As we are rapidly approaching the end of 2016 (once again, how quickly has that gone?), it only seems right that our last blog post is a roundup of our year at Scribe. 2016 has been another great year at Scribe PR, and a lot of that is down to the great clients that we have. Without them, we wouldn’t be here, literally.

It has also been a year of change here at Scribe with my addition to the team. However, I like to think this has only had a positive impact! We had another year of successful tradeshows at BVE, NAB and IBC, although they feel a very long time ago now upon reflection. We have also had another great year working with our partners HighRez.

Here at Scribe we don’t send out postal Christmas cards and gifts: instead we like to save the money and make donations to a charity or two. Back in the simmer, we became sponsors of Biscuit, who you can see as a puppy in the picture. He is being trained as a guide dog for the blind (http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/). After his training is complete, he will make a fantastic canine companion for somebody that will benefit hugely from his incredible talents. Also, we are making a donation to Children’s Hospice South West (https://www.chsw.org.uk/), which provides invaluable support for precious young lives and their families here in Devon, England. We hope you agree that these are two great charities to support.

We are really looking forward to 2017 and seeing what new opportunities and challenges the year brings.

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