Work experience; is it worthwhile?

Over the past 6 months (yes it’s nearly been 6 months!) since I joined Scribe, not only have I been able to gain extremely valuable knowledge and experience within the PR world, but I have also been given the amazing opportunity to gain work experience within another business for a few days a week. The idea behind this is that it won’t be with another PR company, but with a company who will give me experience in a slightly different sector, whilst also being useful and helping my work within PR. I was extremely lucky, and for my first placement I managed to gain work experience at one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Devon, Optix Solutions.

At first I wasn’t completely sure as to how useful working within a digital marketing agency would be to my work within PR, however it proved to be incredibly valuable. Whilst PR can be included in the work done by some digital marketing agencies, it is not their main focus and they have many other services and skills to offer. If I am completely honest, when I first started my work experience I didn’t entirely know what some of these services were, such as SEO and PPC. However, the more I learnt the more this information has allowed me to join in conversations and make sense of things when I wouldn’t have been able to before!

My increased general knowledge has helped me to piece together a lot of information, and also realise that digital marketing and PR are more entwined than I ever first thought. I am quickly learning that any experience is good experience, as long as you make the most of it and use it in the right way. I was incredibly fortunate that Optix Solutions are great supporters of people wanting work experience, and they definitely don’t just have you making tea! If you find a business that will actually use you well, then it is as much value to them as it is to you.

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