IBC Run Up 2016

This month at Scribe it is all about IBC! IBC is one of our biggest tradeshows that we attend every year. It is held in one of the most beautiful cities, Amsterdam. Although, in amongst the craziness it is rare that we get to see much of the city. Bob has been going for over 20 years now, whilst I have been on two previous occasions to help Bob and see how everything works. When I was thinking that I too might like to go into the world of PR it gave me the perfect opportunity to see if it was a career path I wanted to take.

This year I am very much enjoying being part of the process right from the beginning. There is so much work that goes on in the background and lead up to an event such as IBC from all sides. It is interesting to see what it all involves and how it evolves. Our aim is to make our clients time at IBC as easy and as successful as possible, as well as those journalists who would like to meet with them.

Much of the preparation now involves trying to arrange meetings between our clients and journalists at times that suit them best, and helping our clients out with any other tasks in the lead up and preparation. This year we have organised an evening Press Drinks Reception that we are all very excited about and will hopefully be a great success. Bob is great at using his wealth of experience within the industry, this tradeshow, and the journalists to know what works best for everyone. Here at Scribe we are very much looking forward to this year’s IBC, but in the meantime we still have lots of work to do!

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