New staff at Scribe

Scribe PR had recently expanded its team with the addition of its latest employee, Katie Charlton. And no you’re not seeing things, that is another Charlton!

I have recently graduated from Bath Spa University with a History degree. I have been a helping hand to Scribe as a company over a few events for the past few years, such as IBC in Amsterdam. After getting some hands-on experience last summer,I decided that I would like to try my hand at PR.

As a PR Company, Scribe strongly values the ability to be able to write, as well as communicate through other means. I know through experience the positive effect that it can have. During my History degree I have written more essays than I can even care to remember! However, I feel my degree has improved my writing style and skills enormously. So all those hours slumped over a laptop will be worth it! I hope only to progress further under the experience and skill that Scribe has to offer.

I am a complete new bee to the world of technology, but who better to help guide me through than someone with over 30 years experience in the industry? Already, I’m finding that I have learnt a vast amount in my first month, no better way to learn than being chucked straight in the deep end.

I couldn’t be happier to take my first steps into the world of PR with Scribe and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

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