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The value of a good wordsmith

Good copywriting & content creation is a valuable service. When combined with an ability to understand the products, services and technology that you work with it takes on awhole new dimension. Add to this the ability to work within the broadest range of teams and organisations at every level from the research & development laboratory to the boardroom and Scribe offers a compelling proposition.


Writing your marketing content and collateral, we can help you communicate effectively with your key audiences whether they are internal (such as your sales team) or external (such as customers, prospects, journalists, investors and analysts). Our expertise lies in professional marketing and corporate communications support.


Through this we create bridges between our clients and their key audiences. Between where a company is today and where it wants to be in the future. We deliver tangible results which boost bottom-line effectiveness and profitability for our clients.


On one level we create a copywriting and content creation engine room for our clients. Complimenting this, we offer a comprehensive range of public relations consultancy services. We can provide research and consultancy, evolve marketing communications strategies, manage issues.


For some clients we organise press events, run press office facilities and oversee major international PR campaigns. For others, we just provide great copywriting and content creation resources.


In everything we do, value for money is key. We have the experience to identify and prioritise activities, and we have the commercial know-how to make ourselves high value members of our client teams. To talk through your copywriting, content creation and/or PR requirements and how Scribe can help support your marketing and corporate communications, call Bob Charlton on +44 20 7084 6335 or email him on

Online Marketing

What does your website say about your company?


A company’s website provides the opportunity to present the organisation as forward-thinking and a thought leader. To do this in today’s climate, sites need regular reviews to bring it fully up to date with current developments in internet-based communication.


The site needs video and audio integration; it needs to emphasise the core values of leadership (which amount to a call to action to become a member). There should be opportunities for people to subscribe to news and events via RSS – which lets readers keep fully up to date and abreast of the work that the company is undertaking at any point in time.


Critically, the website review will provide the client with an ideal launch pad into the world of Social Media. Here are some ideas of how Social Media can work for your organisation:

Blog – equivalent to an online journal. Well documented and very flexible. Gives end users the ability to subscribe to updates and comment (if you allow them to) on posts, helping to build engagement. There’s no reason why this couldn’t be a password protected area which is only available to selected recipients.



YouTube - branded twitter profile(s) as well as a strategy for making the most of it. Implemented correctly, this will soon become ‘Your Company TV’


Podcasts – allows the company to keep connected with its core audience when they’re on the go.


Webinars – allowing visitors to take part in online seminars and events.


LinkedIn – collaboration areas through the site for their members. These groups can be closed or open... good way for a company to discuss what it is doing at any point in time.


Search Engine Optimisation – building their relevance and reputation in Search Engines, like Google


Polls / Surveys / Online Awards


Don't let this important opportunity pass you by - talk to Bob and start networking today.


Press relations

Get your message across to the journalists Journalists are incredibly important to a company or organisation. If you have good relationships with journalists, your company's profile will benefit significantly.


One of the most important media relations services is the provision of accurate articulate press information. Well written material makes the journalists lives easy - if it's a simple as cut and paste they can and will use the material you supply.


Scribe has a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating copy for media relations activity. Whether its trade, technical, business or consumer publications, Scribe works with a broad diversity of publications throughout Europe and the U.S. on a day to day basis.

























We're good enough to be accepted by journalists as journalists Each September, for one week only, Bob Charlton works as a journalist on the IBC Daily Newspaper. Creating one issue for each of the five days of IBC, this is one of the highest pressure journalistic environments.


Bob has performed this role for 10 out of the 16 years since establishing Scribe. As well as fine tuning his writing skills, this annual project keeps Bob abreast of the latest advances in broadcast, pro-audio and electronic media technology and business development.


If you think that your team would benefit from these specialist content creation support services, why not call Bob on +44 20 7559 9891 or email him on


Sales & marketing material

Something as basic as a well written introductory letter can help your sales team open doors in organisations, reinforce reputations and brand values and build respect during those important early days of a customer relationship.


Brochures can be very impressive: they can also be very costly. How many times have you seen a very impressively designed and produced company brochure, which when you read it appears to be confusing, or just badly written.


Good copywriting and content creation is an essential pre-requisite in supporting yours sales force and marketing teams.

























Given your considerable investment in this area, the additional cost of a professional copywriter is negligible.


Don't scimp on sales and marketing support - talk to to Bob on +44 20 7084 6335 or email him on


International company support

Fine tuning the message sharpens the image English is the international language of business.


The way you communicate a message - the language, the tone of voice and the sentence structure you use is so important. At Scribe, we work with a range of companies for whom English is not their first language. From Austria to the Netherlands, Germany and France, we help companies refine their communications and sharpen their messaging.


For these companies they may have already created a document - we add value by improving the copy, making it easier to read and creating a tone of voice that is appropriate to the application and the audience.


Scribe welcomes opportunities to work with companies and organisations from any country or region of the world. To discover how cost effective this type of copywriting support can be call Bob on +44 20 7084 6335 or email him on

White Paper creation

Your research & development engineers are amongst the brightest people within your team. Despite their considerable intellect, it is often the case that they stuggle to communicate effectively in language that is understood by laymen and women.


For many of our clients, we work closely within their development engineers, helping them to write White Papers and technical presentations based on their work. Also, sometimes we take that technical information and help the company create a range of brochures and other marketing communications that promote the features and benefits offered by these technological advances.


Don't worry if you can't fathom what it is that your techie colleagues are doing: talk to Bob on +44 20 7084 6335 or email him on and let him help you build a bridge between your technical and marketing departments.