Bucking the trend - here's a PR exec who loves to write


At Scribe, we aim to provide our clients with public relations strategic formulation and tactical implementation support services. This second part is key – if we are able to help journalists write about our clients and their technologies then we must be able to think like a journalist, act like a journalist and write like a journalist.


In the world of technical PR, Bob Charlton is a rare beast in that he can also work as a professional journalist. For 10 out of the last 12 years, Bob has worked as a journalist on the IBC Daily News. Published by Intent Media, the IBC Daily News has a reputation as being one of the best produced show daily newspapers. With a preview issue, five daily issues at IBC and a new Executive Briefings issue published after the show, productivity and efficiency are key watchwords.


“This is the sharp end of journalism,” remarks Bob Charlton. “The pressure starts first thing in the morning and continues all day until the last page is signed off much later that day. “Why do I do it – well it’s a good way of fine tuning my writing skills as well as keeping abreast of the latest developments in the media sector.


This year it was IPTV, whereas in previous years the focus has been on mobile, 3D and HD technologies.” “Sure, Bob’s not a full-time journalist but he’s a good guy to have on our team,” explained IBC Daily News Editor-in-Chief, Fergal Ringrose. “His writing skills are fine and he knows what he’s talking about, which is essential in our business.“Bob fits in to the team really well. He understands his job and also how he can help others in the production office. We’re a small team and there’s no place for part-timers.”