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Two-person specialist team handles global public relations campaign, blog, white papers, case studies for a fraction of the cost of large PR agencies


At NAB 2014, AmberFin, a UK-based company that specializes in video ingest, complex media manipulation, transcoding and quality control (QC) solutions celebrated its sixth birthday by being acquired by Dalet Digital Media Systems, a leading provider of Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions, software and services for broadcasters and content providers.This was good news for AmberFin: acquisition had always been the exit strategy for venture capital owners, Advent Venture Partners.


So it was that almost three years prior to the sale, AmberFin had appointed a specialist international public relations team, which it tasked with raising its profile within the international broadcast and electronic media industries.However, instead of opting for one of the high-profile international agencies, AmberFin instead chose a two-person team that between them brings more than 50 years experience of the international hi-tech PR sector. Véronique Froment is based in the USA and Bob Charlton in the UK.


Exploiting the power of the written word

Over almost three years, this experienced PR team helped position AmberFin as

a global player in the media management sector, highlighting the company’s

innovative technology, promoting its senior executives with global reputations

and building the AmberFin brand worldwide. The result was impressive with

almost 1,000 separate pieces of press coverage generated worldwide.


AmberFin has amongst its ranks some of the most creative minds in the media

sector. The PR team was able to channel these people’s thoughts through the

trade, technical and business press in ways that help educate the market and

dispel technology misconceptions.Working with people such as AmberFin’s

chief technical officer, Bruce Devlin, the PR team was able to take ownership of

top technology trends such as the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) and the

new generation HEVC codecs.


A key aspect of this process was Véronique and Bob’s ability to position

AmberFin as a press-friendly organization with straightforward access to the

key people, clear and frequent communication with the key media outlets and

simple access to useful, well written content.“Time and again, Bob proved his

ability to provide us with content that not only met our needs but frequently

challenged our readers’ mindsets,” comments Will Garside, editor of IBE magazine and chair of the ConnectedWorld.TV awards. “Bob helps build bridges between his clients and our organization in ways that makes it simple and intuitive to work with them. It is also worth noting that content from AmberFin has been included based on merit as they have never been a paid advertiser with IBE magazine or any other BPL Broadcast events or publications.”


Against a background where AmberFin’s advertising budgets were strictly limited, the magazines continue to cover the company’s news, seek its contributions to articles and ask AmberFin’s opinions on leading industry trends, issues and challenges. Over the last 12 months alone, Véronique and Bob generated over 250 separate pieces of coverage in more than seven different language publications across every continent.Tailoring communications to suit their audience


Whilst international multi-lingual press relations have been a focus for Véronique and Bob, it has not been their sole area of activity at AmberFin. The company communicates with a range of audiences, each with its own character and needs for technical detail and/or explanation.The PR Team has been responsible for the creation of a range of Technical White Papers covering subjects as diverse as Quality Control in a Multi-screen Environment, Video Captions for an International Market and The Digital Production Partnership and its impact on the UK Broadcast Sector.Alongside this, Véronique and Bob have ghost written the majority of the posts on AmberFin’s Blog. Often bringing a humorous approach to techie subjects, this relatively new medium has proved to be a valuable communications channel for AmberFin.


"Over the years, I have worked with a number of traditional PR agencies but none offered the level of service and value that Bob and Véronique gave us. Aside from their solid global industry connections, knowledge and long standing press relationships, Bob and Véronique's ability to create compelling content with very little direction from us is second to none. From white papers, to entertaining blog posts, ghost written articles and press releases, they have consistently delivered materials that exceeded our expectations and generated coverage worthy of a much larger organization," commented Jeremy Deaner, ex-CEO of AmberFin.


Now, it is mission accomplished for Véronique and Bob. With AmberFin united with Dalet, the dynamic duo is looking for new challenges and new technology-based companies to help tell their story. Could you be one of those companies – why don’t you contact Bob and he will be pleased to discuss your communication needs in more detail?


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