Scribe fuels the Blu revolution


The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) is one of the most challenging PR clients you will ever encounter with almost 200 member companies, many of whom are competitors, spanning the entire home entertainment and IT industries.


When the BDA first approached Scribe it presented a big challenge: to provide a single unified communication channel for this large and diverse organisation. Also, it needed a structure which enabled journalists to source information and opinions quickly and easily.

Scribe’s approach was to return to basics, identify communications priorities and build a pro-active media relations campaign designed to promote this exciting home entertainment technology. 


“Scribe was successful in galvanizing the BDA and projecting a single unified message to the industry and to the market,” commented David Walstra, Vice Chairman of the BDA European Promotions Committee.


At the time, the BDA was engaged in a format war with a rival High Definition format – HD-DVD – which was promoted by Toshiba and Microsoft, among other companies. “Format wars are never good for anything other than selling magazines. They add to consumer confusion and prevent them from investing in either technology,” commented David Walstra. “Through a blend of media relations and marketing communications activities we succeeded in communicating our message. Ultimately, we won the battle and Scribe played a key role in this.”


BDA European press office
Amongst Scribe’s campaign activities was the creation of an

electronic newsletter which communicated the latest news

and developments in a friendly and easily understood way,

whether English is your native language or not. The

newsletter started with a subscription database of zero and

over three years grew to over 4500 senior level opinion

formers, journalists and industry analysts.


With the newsletter up and running, Scribe established a

visible PR platform for journalists across Europe. Using a

dedicated website and a blend of news announcements,

1-2-1 interviews, round table discussion meetings, press

events and major news conferences the BDA cemented its position as the leading HD home entertainment platform.


One major press conference that Scribe organized was held at the IFA exhibition in Berlin during September 2008. Applying the Sticky Team concept, Scribe employed the services of local German PR consultancy, Herring Schuppener to work alongside them.More than 350 journalists attended the event. They heard announcements from a range of senior BDA representatives, including Gordon Ho from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Simon McDowell from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Frank Simonis, Chairman, BDA Europe promotions group.


“Scribe helped communicate a unified and strategic message from the BDA,” remarked David Walstra. “Using a broad range of tactics and tools, Scribe succeeded in bridging the gap between the technical and lifestyle publications. Their messages were simple and elegant, and were well received by a broad range of journalists across Europe and North America.”


Scribe does not get hung up about the generation of reams of press cuttings. Instead, its focus is on establishing and maintaining relationships with the key journalists, analysts and other key opinion formers that serve our clients’ markets. Read what some of these opinion formers say about Scribe’s professional work for the BDA.


Sam Andrews

Contributing editor, Europe, Hollywood Reporter

Editor, Cue Entertainment


“The BDA newsletter and Press Office are good – they provide an easy catch- up for things I might have missed. It’s a very convenient point of reference within an organisation where it is difficult to find a united voice.


“The BDA needs a single point of contact, which it has in Europe through the BDA newsletter and press office. Without Bob, it is virtually impossible to get a single voice of authority from within the entire BDA.”


Barry Fox
Freelance Technology Journalist

Also contributor to Financial Times, New Scientist, The Economist, BBC (Technology Specialist) and numerous trade and technical magazines


“Until it employed Scribe, the BDA had near non-existent press relations. Without what Bob is doing (BDA newsletter & press office) they are going to find it even harder to sell Blu-ray.”


Steve Booth

Senior Editor

Consumer Electronics Daily (New York)


“I look forward to the BDA Newsletter as a source of information I might not otherwise have seen.  Specifically, that is news coming from Europe and other markets outside North America on Blu-ray hardware sales, disc releases and BD replication.