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We are a technical public relations agency with a keen focus on high quality content creation. We live & breathe creativity. And we are committed to meeting your company’s needs.

A straightforward and yet refreshingly different approach to public relations for technology companies and organisations of many different types and sizes.


Scribe does not practice a complex, unwieldy methodology. Nor do we have a range of ‘off-the-shelf PR solutions’. What we have, instead, is a natural philosophy. It’s simple, and experience shows it’s effective. It focuses on teamwork – co-operative working with all key stakeholders involved in the process of generating, formulating and effectively communicating a message.

Anywhere, anytime. We invest in people, not overheads and we work as part of any team. No glitz - just dependable professional consultancy.

Through proactive media relations we help explain what makes our clients diferent. What makes them special.

You don't need a big team. With the necessary skills, experience and contacts you can achieve great things with a small team. 


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